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If the time from conception to deployment is too long, opportunities are lost. Experience has shown us that a well thought out information systems plan, implemented now, has more impact than any plan implemented next year. Time is the enemy.

The success or failure of a mission is often decided by your commitment to its completion. Sometimes, personal comfort has to be sacrificed to accomplish the task at hand. Our dedication to our work is unparalleled. When you need IAS, we'll be there for you.

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About IAS: Information Access Solutions, Inc. is a service disabled veteran owned small business headquartered in Woodbridge, Virginia. IAS has organized and developed a unique team of highly experienced, well trained people across multiple disciplines.

From the inception of the corporation in 1999, IAS personnel have consistently increased their knowledge and capabilities in the IT industry through successfully completing additional professional certification courses, and other training programs and though all of the IAS team members were professionally certified in the industry prior to joining the corporation, the focus on quickly acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to utilize the latest technological advances is of paramount importance.

The vast experience, training, and professional certifications the IAS team has earned, has enabled IAS to provide its customers with the best possible IT solutions, at the best possible price.
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